Engage. Operate. Collaborate.

Watch Taskbench in action

See how can structure your team's goals into acheivable plans.

Chase less, know more

Globally, 2 - 4 hours are spent on emails daily. Half of these are simply requesting or providing feedback on previous emails. Taskbench saves you time by eliminating this feedback overhead.

Realtime status view of departmental and organizational tasks

Alerts for updates and deadlines

Never Forget a task

Assign tasks to multiple people, split tasks, and track tasks

Get insight into unknown

  • Get clear timelines
  • Set & Measure against benchmarks
  • Track time spent on tasks

Transactionalise Work

Taskbench transactionalises tasks. Each and every task is given a unique number. This number can never be deleted from the system but can only be withdrawn. This is a feature unique to taskbench.

Collaborate Better The power of 20%

Taskbench wraps all the traditional task management tools into a user-friendly package. Collaborate with oversight and accountability.

Easily Share documents
Discuss Online
Create new tasks from the discussion area
Communicate with team
Create custom forms
Create checklists

Available wherever, whenever

Taskbench’s mobile app allows you to:

  • Update, comment, and review tasks
  • Upload documents
  • Attach photos, videos, and links.

For teams that work together

Docbench lets teams share numerous documents between themselves and have it all stored safely in the cloud.

Instantaneous Implementation

Taskbench works on a SAAS model. Your Organization requires no upfront purchase of software or hardware. Once bought, your teams can begin building their own workflows and task sequences in minutes.

And finally, the magical power of compounding

Using taskbench allows your organisation to begin benchmarking itself against its own performance. Thoughts and ideas will more easily be translated into tasks and your efficiency will be lifted as a whole. Over time, users will only improve turn-arounds instead of just setting up

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